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My thanks to @tintypes for doing this photo shoot in Brooklyn New York , amazing work that is still done just as the first photography ever . #amazingskill
The art of having to sit on my Tuckus for so long to set the image is a true example of the patience & serenity of art. The skill of a photographer is a trade that has enriched mankind since it’s beginning.

At times we get caught up in fiction and reading stories of fantasy. But as much as being trapped in a hostile land , where death can come any day or night in a box 24 hours a day a political prisoner hoping that your country will save your life , sounds like a fiction novel … This is a true tale of courage and the human determination to survive . Pick up a copy of my comrades memoir and step into a world that may just change your mind about how we treat our incarcerated @sshourd #wemakechange

#incarceratednation @solitarywatch @sshourd making a presence that needs to be felt as she speaks on the horrors of being in solitary confinement in Iran and how everyday could have been her last . A must read the true story of years spent in isolation in another country that hates Americans . Working together to bring the story of solitary in a play written and created by Sarah Shourd . We who have been there must make this change . This will make change to the lies about how every body in isolation is not human also look out for @thinktenmedia & @inationcampaign @isellpackages ” solitary ” the series .. #wemakechange

As we move into the fall season the #Rikersreform collective will be organizing events all led by those previously incarcerated to change the culture of brutality in NYC jails. Mark my words one thing I will do is move all the children off of Rikers and out of DOC custody .. Let’s go #wemakechange

One powerful woman right here ms Delores ca ales my comrade from California who is the head of the California families against solitary confinement . A great organizer and there’s no doubt about that she too is previously incarcerated also #wemakechange @sendapackage @jailsaction

Here at the national @ACLU conference on solitary confinement second panel is of medical experts speaking to the physical mental and emotional damage of solitary confinement . Experts from around the country were hand selected to bring this national movement against solitary confinement to a peak . On this panel is dr homer ventures of NYC domh&h dr Stuart grassian & others from the ACLU national office . Great discussion

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